(Video) Awesome Swirled (Bass) Guitars :-)

These Guitars Look Stunning…

Swirling a Bass Guitar can really make your bass look totally awesome and unique, and perhaps something from the 80’s too.

Lots of folks have tried swirling, and many have failed, but these guys below have a good thing going for them. It’s almost a science how you must have the right temperature, how you add and mix the special paint you use and dipping the guitar into the paint, nice and slowly… it all has to be done in perfectly or the result will be ruined, and your guitar will look ugly.bas-swirl

Here on our other guitar site you can see how guitar swirling can transform a guitar into a work of art: http://electricguitarbuzz.com/awesome/amazing-video-swirling-a-guitar-looking-stunning/

Check out these guys below – and please share your thoughts or experiences regarding swirling 🙂