Cool ‘Space Like’ All-Steel, Round-Neck Bass Guitar

This Truly is One of a Kind…

This is a completely ‘no-wood’, smooth playing ALL STEEL bass guitar – and it looks so cool. 🙂

It has a round neck, a very smooth steel body and it looks very comfortable to play.

If it has the ‘right sound’ probably is a matter of taste, so I leave that one up to you… What do you think?

Please enjoy this Hi-Tech instrument – and do share your thoughts with the rest of us.

Stash Stainless Bass Specs:

• Pickups: Single Coils with Alnico 5 magnets custom made
• Weight: 4.5kg (10lb)
• Body: Stainless steel brushed.
• Scale: 34” (24 frets)
• Neck: Stainless steel tube acoustic 38mm dia (1.5”)
• Frets: H=1mm (0.040) W=3mm (0.118”) flat with rounded edges
• Bridge: Stainless steel adjustable
• Potentiometers: 250K volume and tone
• Tuners: Gotoh type
• String space nut = 8.5mm (0.334”), bridge 15.5mm (0.610”)
• Jack – Switchcraft
• Country of origin: Canada

Here’s another test of this great steel bass guitar

You can Learn more about this Bass Guitar HERE