Are These the 50 Best Bass Players Around?

50 Bass Players Made the Cut – Is Your Favorite Among Them?

A bass guitar player is so important in a band, but very often they get overlooked and just perform in the shadow of the lead guitar player. Most people probably don’t even listen to the very foundational rhythms that the bass players lays out, and yet a band is not really a band without this ‘backbone’ in the group.

Most, if not all, bass players aspire to be ‘one of the great ones’, so here you have a little motivation.

Is your favorite among the ones on the list… please share your thoughts.

Well, here we are again with another ‘greatest’ list. This time we’ve gone for those (often) unsung heroes, the boys at the back — and, interestingly, in this poll of polls, they are almost all men — who underpin the band. Along with their trusty band mate, the drummer, they are the rhythm section.


As usual, we trawled the Internet and checked dozens of surveys of the greatest bass players and what you have here is not our opinion but the collective voice of people and polls from around the world. What is really nice is to see bass players from different musical genres represented here. There are many from rock, the majority in fact; but jazz bassists get a good look in with Ray Brown, Jaco Pastorius and of course the great Charles Mingus. Funk and soul have Louis Johnson, Verdine White, Larry Graham and Bootsy Collins. It’s also nice to see the brilliant James Jamerson, the master bassman from Motown’s Funk Brothers, making a good showing.

Here you can see the top 10 of the list:

1. John Entwistle
2. John Paul Jones
3. Flea
4. Geddy Lee
5. Paul McCartney
6. Les Claypool
7. Steve Harris
8. Jack Bruce
9. Cliff Burton
10. Victor Wooten

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