A 3D-Printed Bass Guitar That You Can Play :-)

Is this the Future of Bass Guitar Manufacturing?

Just to be on the same page here… this 3D printed bass guitar plays very well!
To the bass aficionado there might be slight differences in tone etc. but you have to admit, this 3D thing is very exciting.

This guy shows you in details how he structured it all, software being used etc. For a “test model” it’s a very nice end product!

Check out the video below, and do share your thoughts on this one… 🙂

To start off, we’re not saying that the future of bass guitar building is going to be 3D-printed. Not at all. 3D printing is still a relatively young technology, and to the best of our knowledge, all 3D printed guitars still use wooden necks (including the one shown here) simply because it’s still the most practical thing to use.


In the video below, only the body is 3D printed. Everything else uses traditional bass parts and components. The pickups used are Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Jazz pickups.

What’s really interesting about this build is that the builder goes into good detail describing exactly how the body was made …

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